Singing Together to Connect, Celebrate, and Unify our Community

C A H A B A   C H A M B E R    C H O R A L E    M I S S I O N 

Fostering the Human Spirit Through Education, Advocacy,  and Performance of Choral Music

The Cahaba Chamber Chorale is a professional vocal ensemble located in central Alabama. A premiere professional vocal ensemble that will showcase the diverse, breadth of talent in our region — fostering the human spirit through education, advocacy, and performance of choral music, whilst singing together to build community. The ensemble is made of up of professional singers, vocalists, teachers, and professors from several states across the southeastern region. 

The original meaning of the word Cahaba, taken from the Choctaw (Cahawba), is “waters from above”. The Cahaba River flows through the highlands of central Alabama supporting one of our planets most bio-diverse river systems. It is our goal to elevate Alabama’s rich tradition of choral music and the choral art for a higher purpose in our community and beyond. 

As humans, our spirits are awakened through the power of music, moved by the lyricism and our senses engaged unexpectedly by the experience.   

Cahaba Chamber Chorale will exist to serve our community and region, bringing people together and celebrating the common bond we have through the traditions of choral music and singing. We want to foster the human spirit and elevate every individual through the power of voices blended in song.

This is the vision of Quint Harris, DMA, the Director of Music Ministries at VHMC — he serves as the Artistic Director for the Cahaba Chamber Chorale.